Legal consultation
Our team of professional lawyers and experts are at your side throughout the purchase or sale of your largest asset.
House / Apartment construction
Combining all our resources from management, a subcontractor to vendor teams, we deliver the house/apartment that matches your expectations.
Office space & commercial construction
With our experience & expertise in building office spaces, warehouses & other commercial buildings, we can assure you quality service.
Steel structure design & construction
Looking to build a steel shed on the rooftop or build a steel truss for your entire roof? We can design any type of steel structure, conduct its structural & safety analysis and build it for you.
Engineering Counselling
Our counseling team which includes designers, architects & engineers will help you understand the technical aspect of your project.
Bridge Design & Construction
Our designers & engineers will help you design & build the safest & most durable bridges be it suspension bridge, RCC / Girder bridge or any other type of bridge.
Parks & Recreational Facilities
We do understand the values and importance of recreational parks and have a dedicated team that specializes in developing such facilities.
Designing, Planning & Analysis
Our team of expert designers, analysts & project managers will scrutinize every aspect of your project using the latest & most advanced software tools
Road construction & resurfacing
We can build any type of roads from unsealed & unpaved roads to paved roads with sealed asphalt concrete/bitumen/chip seal surface.
Estimation & Valuation
Our team of experienced & expert agents will help you determine the correct value of your property.