About Us

Our Motto: Quality construction projects within your budget & time.

Established with an aim to provide the best construction and consultation services across Nepal we are a team of highly experienced consultants, project managers and engineers dedicated to provide the highest quality construction projects within time & budget.

Message From Our Chairman

RD Suwal Construction - Chairman

I’ve been working in the field of construction for more than a decade. During this time I’ve seen many people, individual as well as business personalities getting fed up with all the requirements aspect of the project even before work on the project gets started. They find it difficult to get their head around all the formalities, legalities and technical aspect of the project. For many people these issues are simply overwhelming and they look for the easier but sometimes expensive option of buying the properties which are often time hyper-inflated by the selling agents.

Then there are additional challenges once a project gets underway. These challenges are mostly technical and require skilled human resources & equipment to resolve them and complete the construction projects.

Overseeing these issues first hand made me feel that I should do something to help these people so that anyone looking to start a construction project to develop a property do not feel intimidated by these hassles. This led me to start this company with the aim of helping such people and business entities. Me along with my brilliant team is always there to help such people from planning through the actual construction phase till the project is handed over to them. We keep them smiling throughout the construction project. They can focus on their daily life while we take all the responsibility of starting the project and completing it.

It makes me the happiest when I see a broad smile on their face after we hand over the fully completed project to them within the agreed budget and time. And this has always been the mission of our entire team.

Why Us?

1. Experience & Expertise:

Our experience and expertise in converting any real estate designs to real-life projects is unmatched. We do a lot of planning before getting any construction project underway to avoid any unforeseen problems during construction. But sometimes, how much planning you do, problems do arise during construction. Our experiences, expertise & ability to think outside of the box helps us face such unforeseen problems with ease and prevent any delays in construction. 

2. Use of cutting edge technology and modern industry standards:

Our team is always evolving and learning with every new project. So, we are always looking to make the best use of the latest & most modern technology that meets our standards in our projects. 

3. Green Construction:

In simple terms, green construction is an attempt to build responsibly, reduce waste, and help preserve the environment. The green construction process involves planning, design, construction, and operations of buildings with several considerations such as energy use, water use, indoor environmental quality, material section and the building’s effect on its site. We take the way we run construction projects very responsively and take all these things into consideration while we run any construction activity. We always try our best to minimize all kinds of waste generated during construction.

4. Your project delivered within your budget & time:

Delays and sky-rocketing costs are problems constantly faced by most of the clients during any construction project but not with us. We deliver your project within budget & time set at the start so that you won’t have to suffer any unforeseen financial loss from your project.

RD Suwal Construction - building design